Audio File Event delay vs. Sound File Event

We are experiencing what appears to be a 200ms delay when the Audio file Event is used for presenting wav files. The wav files are pretty short, so it is hard to believe they could really be taxing the system processor. But, I have read here that the Audio File event has a higher hardware requirement compared to the Sound file event.

Our EEG triggers are delayed 200ms when this event type is used; however, it appears that when the Sound File event is used, there is no delay. I’m not 100% certain that this is the cause of the problem, but any suggestions here?

We have tested this on two separate computers running the exact same Intel Core 2 duo 3ghz as well, and both computers appear to have this 200ms delay.

This is in Superlab 4.0.7b, Windows XP SP3. Is it recommended that we simply use the older Sound File event, install the most recent Superlab update, or…?

Please continue using the Sound File event type for now. For the developers benefit, do you mind posting your experiment? Please post as an Experiment Package, this is found under the File menu within SuperLab.