audio and visual stimuli with latency before the audio stimuli


I am wondering how I can set up a trial that includes both audio (a tone, always the same) and visual stimuli (stimulus lists with several pictures), but with the audio stimulus begining after a various delay (trial level = SSD) after the visual stimulus started. I want the visual stimuli to keep be presented during the audio file and even after (until a response from the subject).

Moreover, whatever the presentation options I chosse for the visual stimulus and whatever the order between the audio and the visual stimuli, the sound never occurs…

I have attached the experiment package (that’s a stop-signal task with juste two trials for the moment). The GO trial only presents the visual stimuli and the STOP trial presents the visual stimuli and then the audio stimuli after the SSD delay (the SSD delay increases or decreases depending if the response is correct or not). The response time is registered since the onset of the visual stimuli.

Thank you in advance!!

SST PH-casino.tgz (5.19 MB)

Take a look at the attached experiment. It’s a simple example that demonstrates a delay between a visual and audio stimulus that varies depending on response correctness.

Let me know if there’s something else you’d like me to address. (7.03 KB)

Dear Arman,
Thank you for your response.
This experiment does not really work as I wanted but in the meantime, I had some advices from colleagues and I was able to program the experiment correctly.
It works now!
Thank you again

Hi gbouju,

Is there any chance you could reply with your now working experiment? I’m working on a project with a similar challenge and you experiment might help me solve it.

Thanks in advance!