attentional experiment using movies

Hi there,

I am a long-time Superlab 2.0 user who is finally making the switch over to sl4. I would like to program an experiment with the following basic trial parameters:

Ready screen
Present a series of 45 second movie clips (can be in any format)
During these movies, an attentional probe (blank screen flash bmp or tone) will occur every 5-7 seconds (total of 5 probes/movie clip)
ITI of one second

I have tried creating the experiment with trials containing the following events:

ready screen (easy)
load and play movie (will do this as stand alone but not when I tack on the probes)
variable ISI
variable ISI 2
etc. to ISI 5 and probe 5 (this is where I really hit the wall)

Is there any basic advice that you can give me as I try to get this implemented? I’ve been reading threads on simultaneous presentation of stimuli and am wondering if the same issues also apply to video. Also, in the earlier version of SL, there was the capability to open the xpt files in excel, which made it very easy to do things like list trials/events and to link everything together. Does this same capability or something similar to it also exist for the new version? It’s been years since I’ve actually worked in the Superlab interface.



I understand you talked to Hisham about this. Please let me know if you have any further questions.