Attaching a stimtracker on a touchscreen


I am really hoping you could assist me here, as this study finally started working properly and then this new problem arose.

I am currently testing for an experiment where participants respond to flashing lights, appearing on two large touchscreen, placed on either side. It is an ERP study, programmed on Superlab 5. We also needed a stimtracker on each screen as the ERP signal was a bit offset. I recently noticed that the blutack that we used to attach the stimtrackers with interferes with the data recording as it doesn’t seem to pick up the participant’s touches especially on the side where they have been placed. After removing the blutack and restarting the program, everything worked fine. I suspect it is the gluey subtance that fools the program into treating the screen as constantly pressed, therefore, it doesn’t pick the touch.

Thus, could you please give me some ideas of how to attach the stimtrackers without them interfering with the screen sensitivity? Will they pick up the flashes if they are attached at the frame of the screen or they need to be directly placed on it?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Best, Silviya

What do you mean by “blutack”? can you post a picture or a link to the product you are describing?

After reading your post, our development team tried to replicate what you are describing. They used the standard double-sided tape that comes with StimTracker’s light sensors and attached it to the screen of a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. It worked fine and without interfering with the finger touch.