Assigning shortcut keys?

Is there a way to assign a shortcut key (e.g., F4) to a superlab button (e.g., OK, Next >>)?

It gets somewhat painful when editing 400+ events simply to change a check box, and then having to move the mouse down to “OK, Next >>” every single time.

I guess an easier way than a shortcut key would be an excel-like interface where we could manually change these checkboxes (i.e., from 1’s to 0’s), like the way I used to do it in the old mac superlab like 7 years ago (I used open the scripts in excel, edit, and then resave).


On the Mac, there is a standard built-in way in the OS to do so. On Windows, it will probably take a 3rd party app to allow that.

I see you’re an old timer. :slight_smile: The Excel-like interface was unwisely removed in v4. We learned.