Apply to all

It would be really nice if you could make a change to an event that would apply to all events or to many selected events. For example, if you decide to change a setting on an event, such as Record Response and RT, it would be great if you didn’t have to make that change manually for all remaining events.

This is a common problem: often an experiment consists of multiple repetitions of the same event type, eg see a word, respond yes or no if you know the word. Each event has a different bmp file. You have 100 words. If you change one aspect of the event (eg. record response) for one bmp, you likely want to change it for all of them without clicking the record response option 100 times.

Note that I am mostly talking about going back and making a change to multiple events I realize that you can copy an event and paste it (along with its settings) to create multiple events with the same settings. It’s when you want to change a setting to all events that you have a lot of clicking to do!

Note 2: This apply to all option would be useful for trials and blocks, too.

Thank you for posting. Your feedback is very much appreciated.