An issue is happening after installing "Superlab 6x" on my computer

Hello friends,

I am encountering a problem from yesterday after installing Superlab 6x.

It was going very well, but today i just shock seeing this strange issue. It is showing that the chrome installation has been failed. :sob: :sob:
I cant understand whether the problem is arising for installing Superlab or for any other reason. :thinking:

I am utterly confused, can anyone give ideas about how to solve the strange issue? Please guide guys… :pray: :pray:

I don’t see how a SuperLab install can affect Chrome in any way. We’ve never had a report of something like that.

Please send me a private message or email to arrange for a screen sharing meeting.

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Thank you Hisham for supporting me :grinning:. Actually the problem was arising for not installing Superlab, that was for some other reason. I understand clearly after getting this post online and i was able to resolve the issue by following the steps from here. :smile: :smile:

At first I guess, maybe chrome installation has been failed for installing Superlab. But after searching a bit online I understood. Anyway, the problem got solved, i am very happy now. :grinning: :grinning:

I’m glad it’s now resolved.

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