Alternate showing of stimuli


I was wondering whether you can help me alternate the display of pictures and words in block T1, T2, T3, and T4 in the attached program. I would like to have a word followed by a picture and vice versa so that subjects will not see two stimuli of the same type consecutively. Also, the pictures and words still have to be randomized.

Please let me know if my request is not clear. Thank you so much for your help.


IAT Version (7.1 MB)

The changes were made to Block T1.

Under the Feedback tab for “Faces - Test 1” a feedback expression was added, “Always, at the end of the event” Change value of code “Last Stimulus Type” to “Face”. For the event “Words - Test 1” the same thing was done, except it "Changes value of code “Last Stimulus Type” to “Word”.

A new macro was created for Block T1, also two of your macros were disabled. A macro named “Check last stimulus type” was created. For the Expression " Number of Trials Presented in This Block using only the last 1 trials in the block and Trials marked with the code “Last Stimulus Type” equal to “Face” is equal to 1".

Under the If True tab, it states “Change value of code “Last Stimulus Type” to “Face” in all trials in this block”.

Under the If False tab, “Change value of code “Last Stimulus Type” to “Word” in all trials in this block”.

Everything you had in the Trial editor was correct.

It might be helpful to re-use the same macro for other events in your experiment.

IAT Version (7.1 MB)

Thank you, Monika. I have applied the macro to other blocks and that works perfectly.

I do have another question: for block Q which is our questionnaire. Each time the subject sees a mood-describing word, I would like to display a reminder of the scale right beneath the word. The line roughly says: 0 means not at all, 7 means extremely. This is a measure just in case the subject forgets the scale. Could you please tell me how to go about displaying this reminder?

Thank you so much for all your help.


For your “Q” event have the “Erase Screen before presenting stimulus” unchecked under Presentation Options. Then, create your scale event and place it before your “Q” event. Make sure you position the instructions not to overlap with your “Q” event words. Link this event to the same trial the “Q” event is in.

Perfect. Thank you very much, Monika.