Adding more than one event? Superlab says "No."

Here I am, trying to go through a list of stimuli and add them one at a time as new events. Except every 2-7 stimuli, the program crashes, forcing me to restart. I now have to add events one at a time so I can save after every single one. This is ridiculous.

Now, why don’t I use a stimulus list, you might ask. Well, I can’t seem to find a way to have responses tied to an event AFTER a target stimulus. My experiment runs like this:

Fixation cross–>pause–>STIMULUS–>Mask—>Response screen.

Not all stimuli have the same answer and the participant needs to respond two screens AFTER the stimulus. I can assign a correct response to the stimulus, but if I’m randomizing the stimuli in the list, how do I assure that the response in the response screen is coded as correct or incorrect?

In the meantime, can you please make it so I can add more than one picture at once?

Which version of SuperLab are you using? On Mac or Windows?

See this thread for information on how to tie a correct response (picture or text) to an event that occurs after the visible stimulus.

similar problem

i, too, am having this problem when trying to add more than one event at a time. he’s about right on the money about the 7th event, sometimes 9th. i’m using text stimuli and am unable to use the list because i need text from different lists for different events. (so enabling multiple lists would be extraordinarily helpful) the crashes didn’t happen for me until after i downloaded the 4.04 upgrade though.

also, i noticed that while i could save the experiment after creating 6 events, i couldn’t save the changes when i added more events unless i created a trial. i just found that to be odd (and a little frustrating, but i’m getting very good at re-typing these text stimuli)

Same problem for trials

I can’t add more than one trial (rather than event) at a time. I’m using version 4.0 for Windows. The program crashes and closes after I add more than one trial–and the “save” icon disappears also, so I have to pull down the “save as” option repeatedly.

Hi Denise,

Can I call you? Please send me a phone number that I can reach you at via a private message. I would like to take a look at this problem and see what we can do to fix it.