Adding feedback

Hi first time superlab user here,

I’m really having trouble finding out how to add feedback. The manual is not helping me at all I have made a trail which is for feedback only, and added an event with an audio file to be used as an incorrect response feedback. I’ve linked up the trial to the event and I’ve linked up the trial to the events that I want feedback on. On the events I’ve also ticked the incorrect response boxed in the feedback tab. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

For the audio event that you want as the incorrect feedback you won’t need to attach this to any trials. Within the Feedback tab for the event the participant is supposed to respond, do you have the feedback set up as:

  • [B]Provide Feedback If[/B]: Response is not correct
  • Then, under [B]What to Do[/B]: Present Event (your audio feedback event)

It might be helpful to post your experiment as well.