adding conditions to feedback to confirm participant response

I’m trying to create a tot/picture naming task where participants are asked to confirm what they produced after each stimulus presentation. For example, they are presented with the picture of a desk. After they name the picture aloud they would press the space bar and the following screen would ask them “did you say ‘desk’?”. If the participant responds yes – by pressing the ‘y’-key – they are given a new picture. If the participant responds no – by pressing the ‘n’ key – the stimulus ‘desk’ is presented again.

So far, I have been able to set this up by creating a single trial for each stimulus+follow-up question [e.g. trial 1 = (fixation cross)+(desk-pic)+(desk-fdbk qst); trial 2 = (fixation cross)+ (otherstimulus-pic)+(otherstimulus-fq); etc]. However, it is clear that doing it this way is not only incredibly laborious (I have hundreds of stimuli) but also very much prone to errors. Thus, I was wondering whether anyone could suggest a better/easier way to go about doing this… or at least let me know that the long road I’m taking is indeed the only one available! :eek: :frowning: :slight_smile:

FYI, this is the first time I use SuperLab so I apologize if this is too basic a question. :o

I will very much appreciate any note of advice.

Yes, you can simplify the setup of your experiment considerably by using stimulus lists. Your experiment would then be reduced to four events:


  • Fixation cross
  • Pic (file chosen from a list)
  • Question (text chosen from a list) [/LIST] You will need two lists: one for the images and one for the questions, with the items paired correctly. The text list will need to contain the entire question, i.e. "Did you say 'desk'?" and not just "desk".

    I hope this helps.

  • randomizing paired stimulus lists

    Hi. Thanks for your reply. I guess I forgot to mention that I’d like SuperLab to randomize the picture presentation too. I tried it out both ways, and it seems that if I use the stimulus list, as you suggested, I cannot randomize the presentation of the items. Am I right? When I tried it out, after a ‘yes’ response was given to one of the confirmation questions, it did not go back to the next picture stimulus (i.e. back to the previous block), but kept on presenting the entire list of confirmation questions. Is it possible to add an additional condition to the feedback so that the presentation continues from where it was interrupted in the previous event list?

    Yes, you can randomize the presentation of items. This would be done at the block level, i.e. double-click on the block and turn on the option Randomize the trials in this block (in the Randomize tab).