AcqKnowledge detects input from superlab but not event markers.


My university recently aquired a Biopac MP36 and we are using it to measure EDA. The computer running he Acqknowlegde software can detect my input from Superlab; if I respond to a task it will add a spike. However, I cannot tell which event I am responding to.

In a very simple task with 5 events it is easy to know what is what but in a larger experiment with 100 events it becomes troublesome.

Is this something that has to be configured in Acqknowlegde directly or can it be done through Superlab?

Thank you!

I would need more info about your SuperLab computer is connected to the MP36. Is that via StimTracker? or via an I/O card?

When you say “respond to a task”, is that via a response pad that is connected to StimTracker?