3 Alternative Forced Choice Paradigm

Can anyone help with this/ I am trying to create an AXB paradigm. I have not used Superlab before and have not managed to get the manual as yet (so I am struggling somewhat).

I have managed to create the WAV files to import and have presented them but I can not set the test up to wait until the end of the AXB and wait for a response. The nearest I have been is presenting a continual stream of presentations.

Please help


ALso, does anyone know of any manuals that can be downloaded?


The current extent of the documentation is the help files provided with SuperLab. It isn’t extensive, but it’s a start.

Being a programmer with a math and computer science background, I’m not familiar with the phrase “AXB paradigm.” What are you trying to get SuperLab to do?

Hi Hank,
Thanks for your reply.
Breifly, I hope to present 3 sounds in a trial and then await a response from the participant. This is a discrimination task so I will be present in a 3 interval, two alternative forced choice paradigm. APOLOGIES JUST NOTICED MISTAKE ABOVE (ITS 2AFC NOT 3AFC). So what this means Hank, is the person will hear 3 sounds, two will be the same. The preson has to work out which was sound was the odd one.
For instance, sounds A&B:
Sound1:A Sound 2:(X) Sound3:B
X will be either be A or B. In which case if it was A, the odd sound would be sound 3(B) or if if X was B, the odd sound would be sound 1(A).
I hope this answers the question.
To make issues more comlicated, I want to use an adaptive measure in Superlab. This means when the particpant makes a correct decision, the next trial becomes more diffcult (i.e. difference between A&B minimises) or vice versa if they make an incorrect decision.
Do you know if Superlab would allow this?

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

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So Hank any ideas on the issues Im facing?


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Both of these are possible, but SuperLab wasn’t designed to make either of these goals easy.

For the first part (AXB), there are many, many ways to accomplish this. Unfortunately, the second requirement (adaptiveness) is incompatible with some of the more amusingly creative solutions. Adaptiveness at the level you are specifying can only be accomplished through conditional branching in SuperLab 4, which is done at the block level. This fact means that you will effectively only have one trial per block. You’ll have a feedback on one of your events that sets a code value on the trial specifying whether or not the response was correct. The Macro (at the block level) will look for this code value. Depending on its value, it will jump to one of two other blocks… one being more difficult, the other being less.

Of course, this means you have set up each trial individually, so stimulus lists are of no use. Since each trial is set up separately, there is no shortcut to creating a bunch of trials. As a result, creation of a trial is really straightforward. You create three events. The one in the middle will be the same as one of the other two. At the end of the third event, you will get a response and run feedback to mark the relevant code value, which the block will act based on.

This is a vast oversimplification to a very involved setup, but I hope it at least points you in the right direction.