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  • trouble creating experiment

    Greetings. I am new to SuperLab and am having difficulties creating my experiment.

    I need to have a fixation cross '+' at the beginning of each trial.
    Then a sentence (which should be randomized) appears onscreen.
    Then a question about a word in that same sentence appears for the participant to respond y/n to using response pad (834) -- and there are 6 question for each sentence (25 sentences, 6 y/n questions for total 150 trials).

    Any assistance would be appreciated!

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    I would suggest using seven stimulus lists for your experiment. One that contains the 25 questions, and six others that contain the y/n questions. Also, you will need an additional event for the fixation cross.


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      creating experiment - follow up

      The yes/no questions are different for each of my stimulus sentences, as they relate to word meanings. I had created a stimulus list of the 6 questions for each (of the 25) sentences, but was unable to figure out to successfully link them.

      Is it possible to link an item on a stimulus list (of the 25 questions) to another stimulus list (the 6 y/n questions)? I cannot think of another way to do it.

      Thank you for your help.


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        I have attached a diagram for you to get a better visual of what I was explaining before.
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          The diagram was helpful, but I am still have trouble understanding how I would be sure that if the program randomly brought up Sentence 4 it would also bring up Question 4-3, then Sentence 17 and Question 17-1, etc. through all Sentence-Question combinations.

          I understand having 7 stimulus lists as well as an additional event with the fixation cross, but not how they would be connected correctly.

          Thank you for your patience.


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            The best way to visualize how SuperLab will present things at run-time is by clicking on the Experiment menu and selecting Expand Events That Use Lists.... This will open a new experiment window with the contents of stimuli expanded.

            Please note: I do not recommend that you make changes in the expanded window because they will not be reflected in the original experiment.


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              still having trouble

              I have created 6 stimulus lists with my yes/no questions for each of my sentences (another stimulus list). I also have a fixation cross that should appear before each sentence.

              I am still having trouble setting up my experiment to run correctly so the sentences are randomized and get the correct yes/no question.

              I need to have:
              -- instructions
              -- fixation cross
              -- 1 of 25 sentences
              -- 1 of 6 corresponding yes/no questions with input via response pad (yes/no)
              -- fixation cross
              -- sentence
              -- yes/no question
              ... (continue through 125 trials)

              Thank you for your help. I am still having difficulty with what should go under Block, Trial, and Event.



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                Do you mind posting your experiment as an Experiment Package? This can be found under the File menu within SuperLab.


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                  post experiment for help

                  I have uploaded the experiment as it is. I have gotten so confused about the structure that it really HAS none right now! Thank you again for all your help -- I wish there was someone in my department who could provide some guidance on-site...

                  Each complete stimulus list of questions (1-6, respectively) has the same answer (yes or no), if that helps. There will be set times between fixation cross and stimulus sentence, between stimulus sentence and question presentation, then UP TO a certain amount of time to see and respond y/n to question before the fixation cross returns and it starts over until 125 sentence/question pairs have been presented.

                  Thank you.
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                    Sorry for the delay. We close our office between Christmas and New Years.

                    I have attached a revision of your experiment. Please note that the trials in the block are being randomized in the Block Editor.
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