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Superlab freezing/not responding

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  • Superlab freezing/not responding

    Hi I have been running Superlab 4 & 5 for an experiment and it freezing on me about 2 in 5 experiments. I can press esc and continue but it may effect the results. I also receive messages when Superlab is not responding problem event name:AppHangB1 the program has stopped interacting with Windows (7). Can anyone help?

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    We are aware of this issue. The problem is that the "Not Responding" announcement is coming from Microsoft Windows, and SuperLab is running as intended.

    Below are some ways to fix the issue. These are listed in order, try #1 first, and then continue down the list. If one works there is no need to try the other ones.

    Most of these ideas require Administrator-level privileges on the computer, so it may be necessary to involve the IT staff in applying these settings.

    1. Set the compatibility mode.
    • Open the folder where the SuperLab program (SuperLab.exe) was installed to (in "Program Files" or somewhere similar).

    • Right-click the SuperLab.exe file and choose "Properties."

    • The "Properties" window that appears should have several tabs. Choose the "Compatibility" tab.

    • Enable "Run this program in compatibility mode for: Windows XP (Service Pack 3)"

    • Click "Apply" and then click "OK."

    (If the XP compatibility does not seem to help, you should try enabling some of the other options on the compatibility tab, such as "Disable visual themes", "Disable Desktop Composition", and even "run this program as an administrator")

    2. Remove plugged-in USB thumb drives.

    3. Remove CD/DVD discs from disc bay.

    4. Look for (and install) updated driver for the graphics card.

    5. Look for (and install) updated driver for the trackpad/mouse.