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Help with Latin square design, self-paced reading

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  • Help with Latin square design, self-paced reading

    Hello Cedrus community and administrator:

    I am trying to figure out how to set up a new experiment I need to run with SuperLab very soon. So far, what I need to do exceeds my knowledge of the program!

    My experiment has self-paced reading.

    I have 4 conditions within subjects (+ fillers):

    1)Sentences type A: trialA1, trial A2, trialA3, etc....
    2) Sentences type B: trial B1, trial B2, trialB3, etc....
    3) Sentences type C: trial C1, trial C2, trial C3, etc....
    4) Sentences type D: trial D1, trial D2, trial D3, trial D4, etc...

    Filller1, Filler 2, Filler 3, etc....

    I would like to do a Latin square design, so for example a participant reads trial A1, trial B2, trial C3, trial D4 with different fillers in the middle. Then I need to randomize the sequence.

    Also, how do I name the components of each sentence so it is possible to recognize them easily when I analyze the data. E.g., THe house is green every day. The det.1, house noun1 is verb.1 etc.

    I really need to set up this experiment. Please, I would appreciate any help to this respect!


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    Unfortunately, SuperLab does not support a Latin square design. Regarding naming your files, SuperLab will record the file name within the data file, it's your preference. If the target of your data collection is a noun, then try using, noun 1, noun 2 etc.