Windows responding to suject input

I’m running an experiment in which a blank screen is presented while a sound file plays some sounds. The subject responds to some sounds and not to others. I have the event looking for any response during the time the sounds are playing. When I play the file during the event, when I tap in response to a sound, Windows plays the “ding” sound that indicates an erronious key press. Any idea why this might be happening?


Are you still running on XP Pro? As far as I’m aware, SuperLab doesn’t ever explicitly do anything to cause the ding, which implies to me that something else is capturing your keypress and causing the sound.


To solve the problem you helped me with last week, I bought a new computer with a hyperthreading CPU. It runs Windows Vista. The new processor solved the video-audio synchronization problem very well, thanks.


A new solution

Thanks for your attention on this, Hank. In the process of thinking about the problem, I’ve found a new way to present the stimuli that makes more sense. I’ll go with that method.