Using movies for feedback

I consider an upgrade to the new version and downloaded a demo to test the new features. One thing I’d like to do (and have not figured out a way to do this yet) is to provide feedback in the form of movies (i.e., if response is correct play movie 1, if incorrect play movie 2).
I’d appreciate if anyone can help me figure out how to do this.
Thank you.

Hi Anna,

Yes, you can do this using SuperLab 4.0. I will create a sample experiment for you and post it.



Using Movie file as Feedback

Hi Anna,
I apologize. I realized this was not posted yet. I tried to post it now but there is some kind of technical difficulty, perhaps because it is a large file.

Could you please contact me via personal message or through our website? I will be happy to send you the experiment by email.

Thank you,