User Manual


When will a user manual be available for Version 4.0? I was under the impression that it would be released by now.

Is there an introduction or any basic instructions for New Users available?


We’re behind on delivering the manual, sorry… We’re trying to get this out ASAP.

Regarding help for new users, please click on the Help menu (within SuperLab) then chose Help Contents. Then click on Tutorial.


Can I find the manual at a pdf form?

Playing with help files

This request led me on an interesting quest for how to easily create a “quick and dirty” pdf version of the Superlab help files.

I’ve attached two files to this message. One is called SuperLabHelp.pdf and it is the current helpfiles packed into a single pdf file.

The other file is an OSX Automator workflow to convert all the helpfiles (which are in HTML format) into PDF format. I left it in workflow format so it would be easier for people to read it. The trick is to use a great application called wkpdf to do the conversion; the rest simply finds the HTML files, and converts them into a folder. The workflow also combines all of the pieces into a single PDF file and opens the result in Preview, whence it can be saved or printed.

However, the concatenated PDF file created by the workflow has no index, so I used Adobe Pro to create the indexed version that I’ve attached.

If you use the workflow, you’ll have to download the wkpdf program and install it in your home directory in a directory called “bin” (that is, if your login name is fred, save it as /Users/fred/bin/wkpdf).

The good thing about using a workflow for this is when a new version of Superlab come out, it’s easy to update the pdf file (unless the structure of the help folder in the Superlab application bundle changes).

I’m not sure the upload worked for the attachments, I got an error message.

The files

I initially tried to attach both of the files, but got errors. They can be downloaded
here and here. Note that they are in .zip format, so they will have to be unzipped before use.

Thank you very much!


it just occurred to me that perhaps I should have asked permission of Cedrus to post my quick-and-dirty user manual for Superlab. If it isn’t OK for me to have done this, let me know and I’ll remove it immediately.

Greg Shenaut

Quite the contrary, thank you Greg.