unknown response box

We are changing our experiments to a different scanner, which uses a response box that is not listed under the input options in Superlab 4.0: a FORP S/N FC 200319 (the 4-button box is S/N BB2003033). Is it possible to get Superlab to recognize input from such a response box (as well as the scanner trigger that will be fed through it). For example, is there a plug-in?

thanks, Dirk

My understanding is that the fOrp has a mode that can emulate our RB response pads. Within SuperLab 4.0, you would need to use the RB Series Earlier Response Pad Models device (under Experiment menu, then Participant Input ).

I am not sure how the fOrp handles trigger input. My guess is that it passes the trigger information through but that’s a question that you need to ask the manufacturer.

Thanks Hisham - I’ll check that out!