unintended screen erase (but only on first run-through)

I have a simple experiment to play sound files that subjects have to make decisions about. I want a reminder to remain on the screen during the sound files. The first time I run this program, my reminder shows up for a split second (along with some blue stuff I cannot read) but then disappears. What’s weird is that if I re-run the experiment without quitting Superlab, everything is fine and appears as I want. It is only on the first time through that I see the problem.

I am running SuperLab 4.5.4 and have seen the same behavior on three difference versions of Mac OS: 10.5.8, 10.7.5, and 10.8.3.

I’ve attached the experiment package.

Thanks for any pointers you might be able to provide.

DLD.zip (296 KB)

Thank you for you post. We are aware of the message and it should only appear the first time you run SuperLab. Below is a workaround.

Before running the experiment, go to the Experiment menu, Stimulus Lists, then double-click “Practice sound files” to open the Audio Stimulus List Editor. This will cause the Audio Plugin engine to be loaded by the SuperLab editor window, so that by the time the experiment gets run, SuperLab will no longer need to do that loading task.

Please let me know if you are using SuperLab 5, for this issue should be resolved.

Thanks for your help. Your description of the problem suggested another work-around to me. I defined a new Block/Trial/Event as the very first one in the experiment. It’s invisible to the subject and requires no response. It simply plays a sound file I created that consists of nothing but a quarter of a second of silence.

Again, thanks. I’d be lost without the help from this forum!