Unable to locate stimulus file

I’m trying to load image files (.jpg) to my list of events. This seems to be okay as I’m loading, but when I try to run the expt, or reopen SuperLab, an error message appears saying “Failed to load a stimulus file”, and indicating that the file does not exist.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions?

Is there any chance you have an event that you created awhile back that is using a file that you no longer need? This may be a reason why SuperLab is saying the file does not exist.

This is exactly what is happening to me (see my new thread below). I get the message that the file cannot be loaded, therefore I have to re-load all the files each time I open the experiment after logging off.

I am not using files created a while back because this is a new experiment that I have been working on everyday and all the files are used in every version of the experiment. This is really weird!