Trouble showing random subset of stimuli


I’m trying to build an experiment where I show participants 32 images in random order across two separate trials. Specifically, in the first trial I want each participant to see a random 16 photos off of a stimulus list of 32 photos. Later, in a separate block, I want participants to see photos from the same list but I want them to see, in random order, the remaining 16 photos from the list that they didn’t see in the first trial. Is there a way to accomplish this?

Please see the sample experiment attached. An expression was created under the Block level to only present 5 trials. Under the Trial level, for the When to Present tab, there is an expression: “Number of times this trial has been presented is equal to 0”.

Also, there is an event called “Message-Starting new block” to show when the experiment moves on to the next trial. This is intended to check that the experiment is working properly.

Sample.sl4 (5.57 KB)