Trouble opening .sl4 experiment in Superlab 5

Hi there

I have recently purchased Superlab 5. I have successfully opened one of my previous Superlab 4 files, but have another experiment that does not seem to work. We get a string of errors (attached) that I am not sure how to make sense of. I am not sure if there are particular experiment features (something to do with lists?) that don’t import well into Superlab 5? I’d be very grateful for any advice.


error screen.pdf (185 KB)

The message shown looks like it might have been a corrupt experiment file in the first place. Have you been able to open the experiment in SuperLab 4.5, or even version SuperLab 4.0.8?

All SuperLab 4 features should import into SuperLab 5. Some warnings are expected for certain v4 macros. If you can attach your experiment that may be able to help with troubleshooting. Please attach as an Experiment Package, which is found under the File menu within SuperLab. Please note, if you cannot open the file anywhere (corrupt), then the Experiment Package won’t work. In that case please just send us the SuperLab file.

Trouble opening .sl4 experiment in Superlab 5

Hi, I am unable to make an experiment package as I am unable to open the experiment in Superlab 5. I tried to make an experiment package in .sl4, but I had an error message on there as well (attached).

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 9.44.37 AM.png

Screen shot 2014-01-23 at 9.44.49 AM.png

Thank you for the screen shots. Can you then please attach the .sl4 file?

Many thanks!

Experiment 125 version 1 DELAY.sl4 (37.6 KB)

Since this is experiment was made in a much older version of SuperLab you will have to use SuperLab 4.5.4 to open and save it.

  • Download SuperLab 4.5.4 from the following link:
  • Open the experiment in 4.5.4
  • Use the "Save As" feature and rename your experiment
  • This will still be a .sl4 file, but it will be a newer version
  • Now you can use SuperLab 5 to open that newer .sl4 file