trial and event codes

Hi, I am trying to assign code values to events. When I click on codes (in an event), the codes that I set up for trials appears. The codes that I set up appear as the same across all trials and events. However, how do I actually choose from the list to attach a value to the event? Thanks, Lucy

If I’m understanding you correctly, you would just need to select the code value you created by mouse click. This is done in the Event Editor, under Code Values. Please note that for any given code only one value can be chosen.

“unselecting” a code value

I’m not sure if I’ve found a bug or not but I’m posting in this thread as the deselecting of a code value could also be relevant.

I have 2 code values (4 total possible) accidentally selected on a few of my events. I am able to select more than 1 with the mouse and then I am not able to deselect any of them. As I click through to different events, these codes stay with the one event I clicked.

Ultimately, I’m wondering why I can’t click “off” a code value from my event to have only one code per event

You can deselect the code value by clicking on the header (code name).