Tone/Cue Presentation- Randomizing Tones Only?

I am having an issue in finding a way to use a pitch-change stimulus simultaneously with a word cue, only because of the type of response desired for each change in pitch.

-There is an initial tone and then a pitch change prior to presentation of a word cue. Once the word cue is presented, I have three more pitch changes.
-The desired response is to press “A” or “Z” in response to whether the new tone is higher or lower in pitch (A being higher, Z being lower).
-The word cues are already organized into a predetermined order, and each has a unique word response that is manually recorded from a verbal response. SuperLab need only record the tonal responses.
-There are three tones that are being used: “High”, “Medium”, and “Low”. These need to be randomized for each event without repeating, and without randomizing the word cues presented.

The last point presented is essentially the problem. I have two responses for three stimuli, which must be randomized. Is there a way to set up some sort of stimulus hierarchy with the tones and then randomize the presentation order? Also, can I set it up in such a way that a “High” tone is not followed immediately by another “High” tone, but can appear non-consecutively with the same word cue? There are five “tone events” for each word cue, four of which will require a response (see the first bullet-point).

As an undergraduate assistant, this is my first experiment using SuperLab, and the issue here is too complex for me to pick apart based on just the information in the manual. I do already have the experiment set up so that an audio and text event are paired simultaneously for each “tone event”.


This is a question that is probably faster discussed over the phone. I’ll send you a private message.