Timing onset latency

I have an experiment in which I present the text of a word, present an audio file at the same time, and then re-present the word. There is an SOA of 0 ms. between the first two events, and an SOA of 250 between the 2nd two; in the 3rd event, timing is unlimited (until participant responds). My question is this: Will response latency be measured starting 250 ms. after the visual and auditory presentation of the word? If so, if I change the 2nd SOA to 0 ms., will this solve the problem?

Thanks for any help on this issue. I just want to be absolutely sure that my participant response latencies are accurate.


My last post on this subject was poorly worded. Please allow me to rephrase:

In a trial in which I want to collect participant responses, I have 3 events: Word presented as text, word presented as audio, and word presented as text again. The first event ends after a time limit of 0 ms., the second event ends immediately after the event is presented, and the third ends after a response from the participant. Given this setup, will response latency be timed starting at presentation of the text and audio stimuli? If not, how can I ensure that latency starts as soon as these stimuli are presented?

The timer will begin from the start of the first word. You can override this by selecting “Reset RT timer” under the Input tab in the Event Editor.