Termination of text responses

We are having trouble getting out text answers to terminate and move to the next event.

Kisses.1.sl4 (10.1 KB)

Please see the following thread: http://community.cedrus.com/showthread.php?t=597&highlight=string+input

terminating Text responses

We are using SuperLab 4.07. We get a text box. We get to type a response but neither using return or the return button moves the sequence beyond that text box. Help!

Have you set both Keyboard-Single and Keyboard-String Input to only look for input when a correct response has been defined? If so, can you post your experiment? Please post as an Experiment Package, which can be found under the File menu within SuperLab.

File sent already

We sent the .sl4 file earlier. It is in the message queue above.

Please see the attached experiment. The change I made was selecting After a correct response from a participant, under the Input tab.

Kisses A.1.sl4 (10.1 KB)