Tagged "response" event creates error

I have a fairly straightforward paradigm: we present audiofiles and ask the subject to judge each audiofile (rating it 1 or 2). The audiofiles are tagged (1/2), and the “response” event looks for those tags to evaluate whether the response was correct or not.
I get an error: “11:28:38: Missing tag. Event [Response] bases its Correct Response settings on tag set: ASDorTD. Tag this event to fix this error.”

I believe that I HAVE tagged the relevant events. I’ve attached the experiment file. Any suggestions???

SpeechJudgment_clinicians.sl5 (38.1 KB)

I can see that you have tagged individual list items. But when I edit the “Response” event and click on the Event Editor’s Tags tab, there are no tags there. This is why you are getting this error message.

What you are trying to do is determine the correct response for in an event, but for another event that was presented earlier. Please see this forum thread for a good description.