Switch to Active High on RB Connector

I am working with a (SD-MS-TCPRA) ActiveTwo Trigger Cable for use with Presentation + RB Series Accessory Connector, and wish to know how I can change the B box accessory connector to continuous / active high operation. Is there a simple utility I could use to do this, or use Python or C code? Thanks!

Erik, the response pad’s settings can be changed by using our Xidon (pronounced Zydon) utility program. It is available, for Windows only, using this link:


I apologize in advance for the unpolished look of Xidon. This program was intended for in-house use only.

After you install and run it, Xidon will want to “auto-detect” the presence of the response pad. This can happen only when ALL DIP switches (the ones next to the USB connector on the response pad) are down. Afterwards, you can click on the Device menu and select Accessory Connector. You’ll be able to see the settings and change them.

Thanks for the response! I will give it a try