SV-1 settup in Superlab 5


I am trying to use the SV-1 device for the first time. I just would like to start a stimulus list presentation by a sound comand (any sound). For do it, I created an initial event which should be ended by a sound, followed by the stimulus list. My ideia is when I begin the task the initial event appear, the sound end it and next start the stimulus list presentation.

But I really don’t know how setup the response configurations in the “Participant Input” of SuperLab.

Thank you in advance for any help. :slight_smile:

Cleanto Fernandes

When you select SV-1 as an input device, SuperLab creates a default voice key response* for you called “SV-1 Voice Key Response”.

If you want an experiment to proceed only when something is spoken, follow these steps:


  • In the Event Editor’s [B]Input[/B] tab, select the option to end the event only [B]After a correct response from the participant[/B]
  • In the [B]Correct Response[/B] tab, change the correct response from [B]Any response[/B] to [B]One or more of the following[/B]
  • Select “SV-1 Voice Key Response” [/LIST]

    This should do it.

    *Note that there is a bug in SuperLab 5.0.4 where the default SV-1 response is not created correctly. You need to edit it in the Participant Response dialog and set the popup menu option “This response consists of” to “Voice Key”. This will be fixed in an upcoming release.