SV-1 not recognized

I had successfully installed (despite not being able to find ANY detailed installation instructions) the SV-1 voice key onto our iMac running SuperLab 4.05 but now have upgraded to 4.07 and when I click DETECT SV-1 in Participant Input - it says " SuperLab found an XID device attached to this computer but it is either not the SV-1 or it is not in XID mode". Please HELP.

Solved it

Never mind - it turns out it hadn’t actually been working in the previous version. I just thought it had because there was no error message. Didn’t know the serial converter needed a driver until I saw it in another thread here, then the driver with the converter was too old (also helpful from a thread here) so I finally found and downloaded the right driver and it works. Next time, throw in a serial converter and drivers with a Mac SuperLab SV-1 order, I would have happily paid for it up front if I’d known it was needed.