Superlab told me i had duplicate preferences and now won't let my program work! help!

hank, if you get this please respond immediately. or anyone who might be able to help me! i haven’t slept in two days trying to fix this bug. i had an experiment half-way programmed working perfectly…i would run it every so many additions to make sure it was doing what i wanted it to, and all was well. then i programmed in a bunch more, and went to add a new event, and the program froze and closed (thank god i had been saving!). when i opened it back up, it said something about duplicate preferences and gave me the option to delete the preferences or file them…well i didn’t know what it was talking about, and i certainly didn’t want to delete something i might need, so i chose to file. i went back into the program, entered in a couple more new events, and then tried to run.

oh my god! what happened. the instructions at the beginning that are supposed to end with any response from the participant NEVER GO AWAY. if i change the settings to end with a response OR a fixed time, it will end after the fixed time, but you would think my keyboard was disconnected as it doesn’t respond to touches (it even takes awhile to acknowledge the esc key press). i put it on a fixed time just to see the rest of the experiment, and the problems just kept building. suddenly the events were presenting as if i’d asked for them to be randomized within the trial! simultaneous presentation of stimuli totally broke down. not only would single stimuli appear with the fixation cross null event, but stimuli that i had NOT PAIRED, would pair up for presentation. WHAT IS GOING ON? it was working fine before and i am desperate! i have participants signed up to take this experiment tomorrow morning, and all of a sudden NOTHING IS WORKING!!!


thank you!


I’m assuming that since I didn’t have an e-mail waiting for me this morning, you figured out your remaining issues after our conversation last night. Is that a reasonable assumption?

no…i was just busy trying to get it to perfect in between running what parts i could get to work on the subjects…

in fact, i just e-mailed you, meaning to attach the zip and forgot…i haven’t slept in too many hours, i’ll try it again.

oops, the e-mail form doesn’t allow attachments. and i don’t have your e-mail address with me…i am in very sad shape. :slight_smile:

p.s. i sort of feel like i’m harassing you and for that i am sooooo sorry.

It’s part of my job description: be happy to be harassed by desperate grad students and professors. Did you get any of my messages? I sent you my direct e-mail address.

cedrus gives you my e-mail when i send you a direct message through them, right? i haven’t received anything yet.

i can’t remember the first two initials…:slight_smile:

and it’s at or .net?

It’s wh and .com. I’m just avoiding directly posting the e-mail in the forum due to spam.

So far, I don’t see anything else beyond what I’ve already e-mailed you at your e-mail address.