SuperLab Signal Output

I am new to using SuperLab and am wondering if there is a way to send a signal to an external AD converter from SuperLab for timing purposes.

I have an experiment where the subject is connected to several physiological measurement devices through a PowerLab AD converter as they are reacting to stimuli from a SuperLab program. It would be great if I could send a tone to the PowerLab for synchronization. Probably the best output port would be USB although the AD converter uses BNC connections, so I would also need to convert the signal.

If anyone is able to help it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

You can send signals from SuperLab via either the serial port (using a USB-to-serial port adapter), an I/O card, or an I/O device that connects to the computer via USB, e.g. the National Instruments NI-6503. From within SuperLab, you can find these features in the Event Editor’s Stimulus tab by setting the event type to Serial Output or Digital Output.

Ideally, the signal would go to PowerLab’s digital input connector instead of the BNC connection. Does your model have such a connector?

The PowerLab unit I have does have a 15-pin Digital Input Port. I will take your advice and use that port instead of a BNC connection.