Superlab LT Experiments?


I recently started using SuperLab 4.0 and am working on creating a mental rotation experiment. I am trying to find any existing Superlab mental rotation experiments or stimuli that I might be able to use (specifically Shepard-Metzler and Hochberg-Gellman).

I came across this website that seems to be pretty old (see link below) that describes a book called SuperLab LT with a list of experiments including mental rotation. Does anyone know what this is, if the book is still available, and does it come with the actual Superlab experiments for the computer? Any information I would greatly appreciate, thanks!


Dear Pam,

There is a mental rotation experiment posted in the SuperLab 4.0 Experiments forum. Let me know if you have any follow up questions.

As for SuperLab LT, that product has been discountinued a couple of years ago. It consisted of a set of canned experiments. This package is being re-done and will be released before next Fall’s semester under a different name.

Best regards,