Superlab Installation Issue


I just tried upgrading to the new version of Superlab but was denied permission and the installation tried to roll back to the 4.07b version. When I tried to open up my original the version it no longer work (shortcut missing). So I tried a fresh install from disk and got the same error (permission denied) as when trying to upgrade. So now I do not have a working version at all. Note, I also was denied permission when I tried to upgrade to data viewer 2.0. Has anybody else had this problem? I need to get this resolved soon as I am scheduled to run some trials on saturday.


ok so it looks like my issue is with that pc. I was able to successfully install on a different pc, however I can’t activate it because I only have one license and I can’t deactivate the broken installation. Can we get around this?

I have responded to the email I received from you. Please deactivate your license number from the computer that has been giving you trouble.