Superlab compatible with Excel

I have been using Superlab 2 for many years and have recently purchased a license for Superlab 4.
In version 4 it seems no longer possible to copy the experiment file into excel. That was VERY useful!
For instance If I defined my 80 trials each encompassing 4 events, and I decide to change the presentation time from 1 to 2 seconds, do I really have to make the changes for all 240 events?
Is the only way to circumvent this by using lists?
Is there another programme that is compatible with Superlab for editing experiments?
Is there an underlying script for the experiments, and how can I view it?
In very long experiments it is just extremely tedious to create trials and events by clicking onto icons, and specifying them in various menues… It used to be so easy…:smiley:


If your 80 trials all have the same layout, then you should be using stimulus lists. Then, you would only create one trial and four events. Your stimuli would all be in one list, each potentially having code values assigned. Your correct responses can be specified based on code values, and changes to the trial or events would be global.

Have you looked at the letter rotation experiment?

Okay, I see. It’s still a bummer though, that you can’t edit experiments in text editor or excel…