Stroop test, No Response as Correct Response

Hi, I’m new to SuperLab, and I am trying to develop a go no-go task with stroop items. If participants are only supposed to respond to a specific item (e.g., press spacebar when the stimulus’ color and wording match), and not respond to a second class of items (when stimuls’ color and wording do not match), how do I create “no-responses/NRs” as the correct response to these latter items?
Right now, SuperLab sees any response with a spacebar as correct. For this particular condition, spacebar pressing would not be correct when a NR is expected.
Any advice as to how a NR can be coded as correct would be appreciated.

This can be done under the Correct Response tab, which is in the Event Editor. Under the section “…the correct response is:” select, “None, the participant must not respond.”


I’ m using the version 2.0.4 and I have exactly the same problem…how can I create “no-responses/NRs” as the correct response ?

Thank you very much…

The correct response feature is available only in SuperLab 4.0. It cannot be done in version 2.0.4.