stroop paradigm

hello, i’m new to using superlab and need to create a stroop task consisting of 4 categories of words (positive, negative, neutral, trauma). each category contains 45 words.
can you tell me if (and how to) superlab will be able to randomise the order of the words? also, i’d like to get a total reaction time for each category and was wondering if superlab will be able to give me a mean reaction time for each category?
i hope this makes sense and thanks for your help.

I think I can answer the first part for you.

If you set up the block to randomize (double-click the block name, click on “randomize”, click “randomize the trials in this block”) it should randomize the order of presentation of events.

If you enter your 45 words into stimulus lists then you can create events that use the stimulus list.

I think (someone should confirm this part) that if you create a trial for each category (and link that trial to an event using the correct stimulus list) and then link the block to all 4 trials all 180 words will be randomized, but, you will be able to compute stats for each category.