String input

I have two experiments that need string input. The first was set up so that stimulus 1 is first presented, and when a space bar is pressed, a string input appears. As of last night, this was working the way I wanted it (and successfully administered to a couple of participants).

A second experiment shows two visual stimuli side by side, and when a space bar is pressed, I would like two string input prompts to show up and for participants to enter two separate inputs, one for each stimulus. Unfortunately, I could only get the input prompt to appear but it refuses to take any input and would not advance to the next trial.

My way of trouble shooting was to refer to the first experiment to compare the differences, but there was not anything obvious. Unfortunately, somewhere in this troubleshooting process, Experiment 1 is now behaving the same way as Experiment 2. Is this a problem due to conflict between Single Key Input and String Input? I ruled out this possibility because I was able to get Experiment 1 to run properly before.

In addition to this problem, I also have a difficult time maneuvering between the three consoles (Blocks, Trials, Events). Specifically, when one is selected (framed with the red box), I would not be able to switch to the other console by simply clicking on it. To get around, I would need to click somewhere outside of the three consoles, then highlight one of the items in the console i want, double click it (pretending that I were to edit the item), and to come back out.

I am not sure if all these problems are related. I am beginning to suspect that there might be a glitch somewhere in my operating system that is preventing SuperLab from functioning properly.
I’m running Mac OSX. I have attached an abridged version of the experimental files (stimuli not included). Help would be greatly appreciated!


Experiment1-help.sl4 (6.44 KB)

experiment2-help.sl4 (6.28 KB)


I didn’t see anything obvious in Experiment1, but in experiment2, both keyboard single keys and string input are set to look for input for all events. SuperLab doesn’t warn enough about this conflict. Basically, the result is that for every key press, there’s a 50% chance that it will be handled by single-key input, and for every event, string input will be visible. Furthermore, unless you want to limit the possible string input responses, you probably want the string input events to be set to end on “any response from the participant.”

Lastly, your experiments were saved with SuperLab 4.0.2, which was released last January. The latest version is SuperLab 4.0.5 which includes many bug fixes and a few new features relative to the version you’re running. You can get information about it here:

Note that if you are using any computers that you can’t upgrade that (unfortunately) you’ll need to stick with the older version, as older copies of the program can’t open newer experiments.