Stopping movies before they are finished


I’m working on a project in SuperLab which involves playing avi movie clips of varying lengths between 8 seconds and 9 seconds. (The participants are going to respond to them by pressing a key at any time between 1 and 6 seconds.) The video clips are currently 15 seconds long, so I have to have them stop before they are finished. When I select “Only after a limit of 8 seconds” in the “Input” tab of the Event Editor, the movie plays for 15 seconds, and then waits for 8 seconds to begin the next event. Can anyone tell me how to get these 15 second videos to stop between 8 and 9 seconds?


Hi Kristin,

In addition to setting a time limit of 8 seconds in the Input tab in the event editor you’ll have to tell the movie to stop when the event ends. To do this, go to the Stimulus tab in the Event Editor and click Settings.

In the Movie Settings window that comes up, go to the Presentation Options tab and UNCHECK “Wait for movie to finish…”. Select the Stop Movie and “when the event ends” options.

Hope that helps.


Thanks for the help. I have another question related to this one. When the movie clip is playing, the participant is going to press the space bar, which is followed by a tone 200ms after. I have set this up fine, but right after I press the space bar during the movie clip, the movie speeds up temporarily. Any suggestions as to how I can fix this? Thanks!

What version of SuperLab are you running?
Under Mac or Windows?
Do you think you could send the experiment package?




My supervisor helped me fix this problem by setting the priority of SuperLab to “high” in the Windows task manager. It turns out that it wasn’t a SuperLab problem, but a computer processing one.

Thanks for the offer to help!

From my experience, this causes other problems. In fact, this was the biggest problem with 4.0.6 on Windows. SuperLab 4.0.6 did this for you, but it broke things in other obscure ways on single-processor machines. 4.0.7 reverted the priority to the same as 4.0.0-4.0.5 on single-processor Windows machines.

We highly recommend a multi-core/multi-processor system for playing movies on Windows.