stimulus list sampling


I’m trying to set up an experiment where participants will assess six pictures of people on 38 different criteria, along with asking if they know the person and giving a slide between each to prepare the participant that they will be looking at a different person. So what I have so far is this: six blocks attached to one trial attached to 40 events, the recognition question, a stimulus list of 38 pictures with the criterion, and the next event. I would like to have the recognition slide first followed by the 38 criteria in random order followed by the next event.

The problem is that I’m getting the triads (recognize, criteria, next) for each criteria. Can I do this?


If you want the 38 different criteria randomized, you can do the experiment with a little bit of reorganization. I suggest that you use 18 blocks, or three per picture. The first block is for the recognition question, the second for the 38 criteria, and the third to prepare them for the next block.

Try first with one picture to make sure that the approach works before you do the remaining five.