StimTracker with Eprime and PowerLab

Is there any basic instructions on how to set up the StimTracker? I’ve used the information on the website to add the code to Eprime but to be honest I don’t think I’ve set up the StimTracker probably what’s TTL Input is this what I need? I’ve currently a parallel cable going from the PowerLab to the StimTracker and a USB cable going from the StimTracker to the PC running Eprime. No other cables used. Needless to say I’m at a total loss even after viewing the StimTracker webpages any help would be appreciated.

All the information that’s needed for using StimTracker is available on the support section.

The TTL Input can be used for marking the onset of a participant response. It has 6 TTL-level input lines, but is designed in such a way that if you are using one of our response pads, you can connect it to StimTracker via a commonly available RJ45/Ethernet cable.

The information for sending codes from E-Prime describes how to send event markers over the USB cable to PowerLab, via StimTracker.

Please let me know or call us if you’re still stuck.