Stay screen for invalid responses


[SuperLab 4.5]

Each event of the experiment in question asks the participant to view a two-second (thin slice) facial expression video clip. After viewing, they recieve a screen that asks whether they think the model they just viewed is experiencing pain, to which they may respond y or n (key press). Next, they respond to a subjective metric asking 6 Likert scale questions in turn - valid (and correct) responses are keys 1-5.

The experiment runs smoothly, and all data is tracked, including whether the participant has provided a correct or incorrect response (i.e. y would be incorrect if the model was not displaying a pain expression) with a C or E in the Error Code column. The data also notes as incorrect (E) any invalid or undefined keypresses.

What I would like the experiment to do, if possible, is to not move past a screen to which the participant should respond until a valid key is pressed (whether correct or incorrect). On the pain question, the only valid responses would be y or n (not 1-5, or any other keys), although either y or n could be correct depending on the stimulus. When responding to the Likert scale, 1-5 are correct and valid, but y, n, and any keys outside of 1-5 are invalid.

Is it possible to make the question screen stay as it is if an invalid key is pressed, to passively prompt the participant to press a valid key (and assist this researcher in collecting as much valid data as possible!), only after which the screen will change to the next prompt/stimulus?

Thank you,

Currently in SuperLab 4.5 this cannot be done. However, SuperLab 5, which will be released in August will be able to accomplish what you want.

This is now possible with our new release of SuperLab 5. Below is an image that demonstrates how this is implemented within the Participant Input editor.