Start sound file 300ms after picture file

I’m doing a stop-signal task, in which participants have to inhibit their response when a pure tone appears a short time (300ms) after the picture. They are supposed to watch a fixation cross (1000ms) followed by a picture file. A tone (150ms) should start after 300ms of picture presentation (only in some pictures), and the picture should remain visible for additional 2700ms after the tone has finished playing.

How can it be done?

I only managed to present the picture and the tone together for the same duration…

Thanks a lot!

All events shown below need to be in the same trial. I suggest using this format for trials with and without audio.

  1. Fixation (1000 ms)
  2. Picture Event (300 ms)
  3. Tone (150 ms) ** choose sound option Allow audio to continue playing until it ends on its own
  4. Blank Text Event (2700 ms) ** Make sure this text event does not erase screen


It worked! :slight_smile: