Some bugs in SuperLab 4.0.7b, running on Vista

Some bugs that are very consistent (on several computers running 4.0.7b with vista):

  1. Let’s say I have a very long list of events, about 100 or so (or any number high enough to make it so that you have to scroll through to see all of them), and they are numbered 1 through 100. If I select, for instance, from 5 all the way down through 100 (by holding shift) and delete them, it deletes ALL events (including 1-4 that weren’t selected in the first place). For now I have figured out a work-around and do not select events that require scrolling in the event box, so I can select and delete like 5-15, then 16-25, etc. Otherwise it gets rid of ALL events.

  2. When I am editing feedback and I add a new feedback command to an event, then press “NEXT” the entire program crashes (with the “superlab has stopped working” message) and I am forced to close the program. For now I have figured out that if I press OK instead of NEXT while editing feedback, everything is fine (and I am sure to save after each edit!).

  3. Why is there an UNDO option that never can be used?


  1. Are you sure that events 1-4 are deleted instead of just not being redrawn correctly? You can tell by moving (after deleting events 5-100) a window over SuperLab and then switching back to SuperLab in order to force a redraw.

  2. I’ve opened a bug report in our tracking system.

  3. The grayed out Undo function comes from the Mac. Mac programs are expected to always have an Edit menu with Undo, Cut, Copy, and Paste – even if these functions are not implemented.

This issue has been fixed in SuperLab version 4.5.1.