simultaneous video presentaiton?

Hello all,
I’m trying to create a biological motion experiment which uses 4AFC design. Is it possible to present more than one movie files (ie., .mov file types)? and if so, how?

On the Mac, SuperLab can support any movie type that is supported by QuickTime. For Windows DirectX is used, so any movie type with the proper Codecs installed can be used.

I’m also trying to program an experiment that uses multiple video files. I would like to present 2 videos (of varying lengths) simultaneously, and have them repeat until the participant makes a response. Can anyone suggest how this would work?

If you want to display two movies simultaneously that are not unequal in length, one movie will repeat before the other movie does. If you don’t want this to happen, then you will have to edit your movies to make them equal lengths.

Thanks Monika. I don’t mind if one movie repeats before the other - I’m just not sure how to set it all up. I know how to make 2 pictures appear simultaneously, but not videos.

Setting up multiple movies is very similar to displaying multiple images. On the last movie event have, Immediately after the event is presented checked off. Also make sure to resize and put your movies in a location that does not cause overlapping.

Great. I’m still stuck on how to get the movies to repeat though - is there a checkbox somewhere? Sorry to be such a pain, I haven’t used SuperLab that much before.

Try using Feedback to accomplish this. Under the “Feedback” tab, create a new condition. Select, There is no response within a given time, under “Provide Feedback If.” Set the time limit as the same length as your movie. Then, under “What to Do” select Present the same trial again.