Simultaneous Events


I’m having a really difficult time trying to come up with a way to do the following:

Present an image that disappears after 2 seconds
Simultaneously, present some text (instructions for using a rating scale), that remains on the screen until the subject makes a response or until the 2s have elapsed (but only if the subject makes a response before the end of that two second window).

I’ve tried using the ‘keep stimulus invisible’ option outlined in the manual, to initiate these trials simultaneously, but it doesn’t seem to like the fact that they end at different, specified times (and thus cannot end ‘immediately after presented’.

Any help would be appreciated, I’ve been struggling with this one for a while.



Can you post what you have so far? Please use the Experiment Package feature under the File menu within SuperLab.

Sure thing, here’s the rating scale/image events. As I said, I’d like both to appear simultaneously, for the image to disappear after 2 seconds, and for the text to disappear once subjects make a response (i.e., if the subject responds before the 2 seconds are up, both disappear after the 2 seconds. If the subject responds after the 2 seconds, the image disappears after 2 seconds and the text disappears whenever subjects make a response).

Thanks! (18.9 MB)

I have attached a modification of your experiment. Below are some changes that were made.

  • The “Rating Scale” event under the Input tab was changed to end Immediately after the even is presented

  • For both events, under the Correct Response tab, the correct response was changed to None, any response is correct

  • A blank text event was created

  • If you want to specify a correct response create Feedback with two conditions. The first condition would be to Present a blank text event. The second, is to Skip the remaining events and present the next trial (18.8 MB)