Simultaneous electrical stimulation

I’m wanting to present two sequences (same duration different pulse pattern) of electrical stimulation at the same time. I have set up in events PB0 for one pattern( a selection of events) and that is trial A and PB1 for the other pattern, trial B. I have linked them to a block but how do I set it up so that both trials run at the same time rather than one after the other?
i would really appreciate your help

You can’t run two trials at the same time. However, you can send pulses on different lines simultaneously.

Hi Moniker
I think I’ve got around the problem. i’ve set up the experiment in a different way.

can you tell me how to go about setting up an MRI scanner trigger to trigger the experiment at different intervals?

What kind of input are you using? If, for example, you are using the Lumina Participant Input, you would need to set up your first event to end only on a Correct Response. Then, you would set your correct response as the Scanner Trigger. This will synchronize the start of the trial with the scanner trigger.