siemens fmri trigger input with lumina lsc-400

We’ve been using an LSC-400 lumina box for some years with our Siemens trio scanner. however, this now fails to trigger with pulses based on the TR. Siemens have replaced all related circuitry and a new optical cable, but this has not allowed to get a trigger registered on the box.

It works when we use a torch shone down the optical cable plug hole so we imagine this due to the intensity and duration of the light.

I’ve checked for the dipswitches inside the lumina, which can increase the sensitivity of pulse but the lsc-400 does not have them. When I check the firmware version of the box, Xidon crashes with errors.

Has anyone else experienced this on a Siemens Trio?
Is there an updated version of the LSC-400 firmware?

Suggestions very welcome.


Hi Jon,

It sounds like you have the original Lumina LSC-400 and not the LSC-400B model. The original model does not have the DIP switches for increasing the sensitivity.

How are you connecting Siemens’ optical signal to the LSC-400?